Myanmar Mathematics Olympiad

MMO 2021 Enrollment

Rules and Regulations that need to be followed by MMO 2021 participants

For participants taking MMO 2021 and parents need to carefully read the contents below:

 Utilities needed for the Student Participants:

  • A Formal Email Account. (An account is needed per student. Siblings taking the test will need DIFFERENT email )
  • Zoom software needs to be installed in the Laptop or Desktop. (Tablets, Ipads, and phones aren’t )
  • Working microphones and headphones.
  • Cameras connected that can show clear facial expression (Webcams if there isn’t a camera attached to the PC)
  • A4 papers for draft, pencil, eraser, other stationeries
  • Good Internet Connection

For parents that need to help:

  • Zoom Application installed in either smartphone or tablet or laptop or desktop.
  • Cameras connected that can show clear facial expression (Webcams if there isn’t a camera attached to the PC)
  • For parents who are using phones, a tripod stand to support the phone or any other material is needed.

 Preparations remarks:

  • Before participating in the competition, check if you have the right stationery.
  • For Students who are participating, make sure to have downloaded Google Chrome or Firefox Browser.
  • Confirm your internet connection is good.
  • Participants and Parents helping need to have their devices charged fully and devices also can be charged while answering the test. (Once the test starts, the participant can’t move around to charge it)
  • Make sure to take the right amount of draft paper needed.
  • Parents helping their kids with phones or tablets should adjust the camera angle so the kids can be clearly seen.
  • Parents also need to help the student join the right Zoom Meeting ID and make sure that the Zoom name and Index No of the student is right. (Eg. PTH001)
  • Turn off any virtual backgrounds in zoom.

If the participant were to finish the test faster than the given amount of time, they should inform the teachers there and can only leave the zoom when the teachers tell them to.


  • When taking the exam, you must be inside a quiet room. Quiet - Music, radio, television or other background audio is not permitted.
  • No person other than the exam-taker is permitted to be present during the exam. (For Grade 1 & 2 students, a guardian or a parent can be present where they can be seen by the camera)
  • The only conversation that can take place is between the teacher and the exam-taker. No other communication is allowed.
  • Calculators or any other electronic devices apart from the device you’ll be using for zoom isn’t allowed.
  • The camera and microphone must be on and camera should be focused on the exam-taker at all times. If the camera or microphone were to be closed, the student will be disqualified.
  • Taking screenshots or copying down questions or any details from the exam is prohibited. (if the teachers were to find out, the participant will be disqualified)
  • If there would be an emergency case from the exam taker, they should start a reaction gesture called “Raise Hand”. Therefore, the teachers can help.
  • If the internet were to go down, please call the phone numbers that are linked with the exam-taker’s grade. (Inform the Index Number and Grade when calling, the numbers will be listed when the Email is sent)
  • Only If you agree with the rules listed above, you may participate in the competition.

If not, the Myanmar Mathematics Olympiad Union (MMOU) will not allow you to take part in the competition.